ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wear Gold To Be Bold

I might be completely biased since I would prefer gold jewelry over silver any day, but do you remember the last time that gold was out of style? Neither do I. Layering gold jewelry has always been a great way to accessorize an outfit and give a look a edgier vibe. For a while now, I have also seen a rise in popularity in the use of gold accents on handbags, shoes and even headpieces.  And what better way to pull your entire outfit together than with gold jewelry pieces on top?

During these colder months, it’s easy to want to wrap ourselves up in layers and layers and forget about the smaller details such as jewelry. However, to throw on a plain-colored sweater, leggings and booties would be anything but bold. This Fashionista was spotted wearing multiple gold rings, multiple gold cuffs and a gold watch to accessorize and make bold her simple outfit.

Now, imagine her outfit without the gold jewelry. If you imagined what I imagine, the outfit then turns somewhat less interesting, right?  This is why jewelry is a pivotal part of an outfit. By wearing these pieces, this Fashionista is turning her outfit into something greater. The gold adds a more needed flair since her sweaters are both solid and neutral. The gold pieces seen on this Fashionista are also very flat and smooth, giving the accessories some type of consistency.

This Fashionista’s nude fringed sweater is from Preston & York, while her booties are from H&M. All of the jewelry is from Forever 21 and H&M, as well. So as you can see, bold does not necessarily have to be expensive either!

How To: You can imitate this look by finding your own gold jewelry pieces and layering them on top of one another. Try finding pieces that complement one another and stay within the same patterning and texture, just like this Fashionista!