Though the fourth of July may have come and gone, the spirit of red, white and blue lives on. This trio associated with summer festivities is not limited to one day of the year anymore. Besides being a national staple as the colors of our flag, red, white and blue are a classic combination that hold up all year long.

To avoid looking like the daughter of Uncle Sam, there are some precautions that need to be taken. It might be better to pass on any stars and stripes in this color palette seeing as it can go barbecue very quickly. Unless you pull inspiration from designers like Giorgio Armani in the 2016 resort collection, it can be a challenge to style stripes in a sophisticated way. In order to keep it serious, he went in a very preppy direction that is also reminiscent of the all-American style in the best possible way.

For the more bold among us, wearing the colors in prints is the best way to go. Like this Fashionista, you can use two of the colors in a print and wear the other as a solid. The printed blouse, with this simple blue skirt, feature each color prominently. Neutral accessories like this silver out of the box box shaped handbag will balance out the print.

If you’re a bit more shy or reserved in your style, you can focus on one or two solid colors. A red dress with blue shoes and white earrings completes the trio quietly. Wearing the remaining colors in the accessories makes the color palette less obvious. It might also be a good idea to go with darker shades, which make it seem more mature and less kitschy. Turn red, white and blue into burgundy, cream and navy.

By breaking up these colors into prints and finding darker hues, you’re preventing the colors from being too bright and cartoon-like. You aren’t dressing for a holiday, but for your everyday life. Oddly enough, even though these colors go festive quickly, they also go luxe just as well.

How To: Sport your version of the modern red, white and blue look with the rest of the outfit in neutrals. Just remember to keep your head up knowing that you’re sporting your country’s colors.