ALL IN THE DETAILS: Watch Out For This

Everyone has reasons for what is on their wrist. Whether it be a bracelet from your grandmother, a cuff you bought at a thrift store or a bangle that you saved up for, your arm candy is yours for a reason—usually a reason more complicated than “I like it.”

A true talisman of life, watches will never go out of style. Social etiquette often involves looking your best, and watches make you appear confident and successful, while also adding a gorgeous accent to your outfit. Watches can also serve several functions aside from the obvious time-telling, including functioning as timers, stopwatches, alarms, tachymeters and moon phase complications. I have heard on more than one occasion this saying: “In Europe a business [person] is not taken seriously if [they are] not wearing a mechanical watch.”

This Fashionista caught my eye as I was shopping at my local outlet mall, and her watch was certainly something I noticed right away. It had to have been one of the most beautiful watches I had ever seen, and I had never even heard of the brand! As someone who has been searching for years for the perfect watch, I could not be more excited to photograph this glistening Michele watch. She excitedly informed me that it was actually a gift to her mom and it was very clear that she was proud to be wearing it. It perfectly complemented her outfit’s overall tone of tan, perfectly matching her Garage tank top and Michael Kors tote. She completes her outfit with comfortable black jeggings and thong sandals—perfect for a sunny shopping day.

How To: People will look at your hands, especially if you are big on gestures, and they are likely to notice what is on your wrist. Give them something to enjoy that is worth all the attention! If you are going for a more laid back look like this Fashionista, make your watch the focal point of your outfit. Find some nice eye candy that is either multi-functional, cute or inexpensive.