As the end of summer nears, job hunts and interviews begin to pile on. Not too mention, the stress of school is bound to kick in within the next few weeks. Thankfully, there’s a handy accessory to set our minds at ease. A bold watch can give us just the right amount of confidence to win over our future employers.

This Fashionisto never leaves home without his Tissot watch. From swimming to hockey to basketball with the bros, this Fashionisto needs a watch that can keep up with his active lifestyle. Both functional and stylish, the touch screen Tissot serves its purpose as the go-to accessory for any modern man. Time becomes an added bonus to the endless amount of features that come with just the tap of his finger, such as temperature and water resistance.

For a laid-back barbecue with family and friends, this Fashionisto pairs his silver Swiss watch with a lively plaid button-down shirt. Fitted to his body, his shirt allows for subtle definition of his muscular torso. Naturally intimidating, his khaki shorts complement and tone down the loud colors of the button-down, creating an approachable appeal to his towering stature of six foot three. Geared for comfort in the humid Florida heat, he wears a pair of blue canvas Sperry Top-Siders and Carolina Lemke sunglasses.

How To: Looking to impress under high amounts of stress? Draw strength from a classy watch. With the addition of sleek arm candy, your outfit will scream, “refined intellectual, prepared to handle any task in their midst.”