Winter fashion tends to err on the dark side—lots of black, brown and deep colors like emerald, navy and maroon. Because the days are dreary and the sun sets earlier than it did before, some people get seasonal depression this time of year. Hence, people wear dark colors to reflect their dark mood. However, on the sunnier winter days, Fashionistas all around like to embrace the cheerful weather and incorporate a little brightness into their outfit. This particular Fashionista did a nice job mixing the dark with the light.

This Fashionista chose to wear a sweater with a tiny floral pattern. The sweater has colors of brown, black and yellow and gives off a winter vibe. Her black platform creepers are edgy and fashionable and contradict the girly floral print sweater nicely. Both items, while on two different ends of the style spectrum, are dark and winter like. Her acid-washed jeans, however, are a light color and add an interesting element into what would otherwise be a dark outfit. If the Fashionista had chosen black jeans, for example, her outfit would’ve come off as much more edgy and dark. The acid-washed jeans balance the rest of the pieces perfectly, creating a trendy and fashion-forward ensemble. The Fashionista’s dainty silver necklace finishes off the look well.

How To: Tired of all the dark winter colors in your wardrobe? Pair them with items in light colors like acid-washed jeans to brighten things up. Extra style points if the dark items, like a top and shoes, are of contradicting styles. It ups the trendiness factor of the outfit and gives it more depth.