ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wanders from the Sea

It might only be the end of May, but summer is in full swing in Hawaii! When it comes to seasons here, it may as well be summer year-round. Because the weather doesn’t change much, Fashionistas/os here have to count on their style changes to be All In The Details. This Fashionisto adopted a few local accessories to look put together during his time back at home.

In 80-degree weather it can be difficult to put together an outfit that is suitable for both a casual day and a dressy night. Because of the heat, it’s crucial to be smart with your accessories in order to best express your personal style. This Fashionisto wears an ocean-blue accented Casio, a carved fish hook necklace and some classic Vans shoes. Although some people may be afraid to mix brown with navy or grey, these surf-inspired accessories give off the perfect laid-back vibe that allows our Fashionisto to casually mix these normally conflicting colors.

Back on the Mainland U.S., this gingham shirt and essential gray shorts can be mixed and matched with other basics and accessorized accordingly to fit the occasion. Although these specific accessories might not be stylish in the Midwest, Fashionistos could substitute a super trendy bolo tie and a gold-toned watch to pull the look together.

How To: To imitate this look no matter where you are in the world, start with a basic outfit that works well with the weather then add location-specific accessories for the final touch. This particular mix of tropical accessories may not suit a landlocked location but if you pull inspiration from the little things around you, your accessories will always be on point! Remember to relax your styling, like this Fashionisto did, and have fun with the details!