While it is always fun to experiment with the latest trends, there is also something special about wearing things that mean something to you. My favorite pieces of jewelry have all come (or been made) from the people closest to me, and some of my most worn clothing has been handed down or gifted from friends and family. Even our travels often provide us with a ton of fashion inspiration: my favorite childhood dress will always be the one I designed in Thailand, and my warmest alpaca wool sweater was purchased right in Peru. Wearing things with meaning remind us of the things we hold closest to us—whether they be family, adventure or friends, and this Fashionista knew just how to show that off in the details of her outfit.

I found this Fashionista outside the library, standing out immediately for her casual, comfy and chic look. Wearing a simple pair of black leggings with a plain, black T-shirt, she looked relaxed and ready for class. Rather than throwing on a sweatshirt like many students do, she opted for layering on a loose, chambray shirt. The oversized shirt was made of soft cotton to maximize comfort, and the shirt paired perfectly with black leggings or even slim-fitted jeans.

To accessorize, this Fashionista wore a beautiful silk head wrap. The bright colors added a touch of youthfulness to her look while conveniently keeping her hair pulled back. Finally, in my favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit, she layered on three gold necklaces, all holding special meaning to her. A beautiful hamsa necklace dangled in the middle, and a long pendant reading “LIFE IS A JOURNEY NOT A DESTINATION” hung below.

How To: This week, try mixing in pieces that hold meaning to you. Whether they’re from your latest travels, your best friend or your sister’s hand-me-downs, strike a balance between things you purchased and things that remind you of what you value in life.