One of the biggest advantages of living and going to school in a big city is being able to see how people dress all over the city. Here in Chicago we have several neighborhoods that are known for being extra artsy. The other day while shopping in the Wicker Park neighborhood I spotted this week’s Fashionisto.

At first glance he just looks like a regular guy walking around the neighborhood with his girlfriend, but getting closer and closer his bright orange shoes caught my eye. Then something unexpected happened. As I was bending down to snap a few photos of the shoes I noticed they were covered in Keith Haring’s art. This Fashionisto is a major sneaker head, so his shoe game is always on point, I’m sure.  Keeping with the art theme, this Fashionisto had layered a Pablo Picasso printed button-up shirt with a long black hoodie underneath. How awesome is that?

The Fashionista has the whole outfit thought-out. Even his jeans have amazing detail to them; they fit perfectly to his legs. I love the detail on the knees and the little touch of a gold chain. Seriously, he’s a walking piece of art and I’m loving every second of it.

How To: Pair a brightly colored patterned button-up with a dark colored T-shirt or hoodie underneath and a pair of really good fitting jeans in dark navy or even black. If you can’t find a pair of Keith Haring sneakers, don’t fret. Try the outfit with a comfortable brightly colored sneaker and you’ll also be a walking piece of art.