ALL IN THE DETAILS: Walk a Mile in Style

In the words of Marilyn Monroe, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world,” and man, did she know what she was talking about. Shoes have been a staple, obsession and wallet-offender for women of all ages essentially since their invention. From functional to funky, there is not a single occasion that doesn’t call for some time of fancy footwear.

And what makes shoes even better? They are the perfect accessory if you want to elevate or spice up a simple outfit. And that’s exactly what this Fashionista uses her shoes for. Her Pooh Bear print Vans are totally multifunctional in this look; these shoes add a pop of color to her otherwise gray and white ensemble, and they act as a quirky conversation starter!

“I love to talk to people, and they’re great for that,” shares the gorgeous Fashionista. “I also have Darth Vader and even Taco Bell shoes! They’re so fun.” In fact, your fave childhood television characters are making a comeback in your closet. All throughout trendy clothing stores there are Marvel superhero dresses, Scooby-Doo pullovers and Peanuts tees!

So, what is the ideal way to style a pair of shoes with personality? This Fashionista has the method down to a “T.” She paired her Pooh kicks with an oversized marled cardigan, white camisole and skinny jeans cuffed above the ankle. That last part is key for shoes with a stylish print because it draws attention to your feet and keeps the entire shoe visible for all the admiring passersby.

With the addition of some extra snazzy gold and silver jewelry, this Fashionista has taken a comfy and simple look and transformed it into a style statement! Her bracelets even support special causes like childhood mental illness and Autism awareness. Not to mention—they look super cute.

An outfit styled like this is perfect for a girl’s night, coffee date, study sesh or even a trip down to your local farmer’s market (that’s where these pictures were taken!).

This season, make your footwear fun and strut your stuff in crazy prints and colors. You’ll stand a little taller and you may even make a few new friends because you can have an ice-breaker right at your feet!

How To: Keep your look super simple on top by picking single block colors for a camisole or tank top and a cozy oversized cardigan. Next, take a pair of your favorite skinny or straight-leg jeans (or even jeggings, really!) and cuff them up one or two times. Now it’s time for the stars: pick a cute or crazy pair of printed shoes. Stay with plain or no socks for this look so the spotlight is on the shoes. Finish the look with mixed gold and silver delicate jewelry. Fin!