January 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Pearls, lace and gold, oh my! I am all about the vintage feel that this Fashionista embraces. From her lacy crochet vest, her pearl necklace, octagonal shades and sheer blouse with pearl buttons, this gal’s vintage vibe is found all in the details!

What really caught my attention were her fabulous gold accessories. The first thing I fell in love with was her beautiful, elegant, rhinestone and pearl necklace. It is just so gorgeous! It drapes beautifully over her sheer blouse that she scored from a local vintage boutique.

From further investigation of her outfit, I realized that not only was she sporting this beautiful necklace, but she also had the coolest ring and bracelet! Her oversized white stone ring with a dark gold band perfectly matches her white, vintage vibe. However, the real show stopper was the unexpected Swarovski gun bracelet that adds some edge to the otherwise elegant, vintage outfit.  I had never seen a bracelet like it before and it made this outfit so memorable and interesting. It’s a stand-out piece for sure!

And of course, we cannot forget her awesome octagonal shades. She is too cool for school in these vintage shades and, quite frankly, she rocks them!

How To: Do you long for this vintage vibe? Don’t worry, it’s easy! First, grab a vintage blouse. You may have to do some hunting for this one but it’s worth it. Pair it with a cute crochet vest or maybe some leather or faux fur, depending on your style. Then, wear your comfiest and, better yet, your most worn-in jeans. And don’t forget the accessories! Pearls are a great go-to accessory to get that vintage vibe going. Add some oversized rings and maybe a bracelet, earrings or some cool shades and you’re ready to go.