ALL IN THE DETAILS: Vintage Girl, Modern World

Though my personal aesthetic is an ongoing compilation of categories and trends, vintage remains a consistent theme on my radar. So when I noticed this Fashionista sporting several vintage-looking items, I knew I needed to ask her about them.

The best part about wearing and buying vintage is that each piece carries its own unique story. Not only does this serve as an interesting conversation topic, but gives the piece a certain life that you simply just cannot buy off the rack. After asking this Fashionista about her outfit, my initial suspicions were confirmed when I found out that nearly every piece in her look originally had a home in someone else’s closet. Among these pieces were her mom’s 20-year-old cardigan from Express, grandmother’s earrings, step-grandmother’s Coach handbag and a thrifted lace top.

To fuse vintage charm with modern practicality, this Fashionista chose to complete her look with a few other staple wardrobe pieces. Included were a go-to pair of black denim shorts, neutral flats and some cute optical frames! Not only were these additions a great example of how different time periods can coexist, but also a testament to the importance of having versatile staple pieces in your wardrobe too!

I had an immediate appreciation for this Fashionista’s ability to create a cohesive outfit that looks trendy, yet carries a clear, authentic past with it as well. Her look seemed to be a direct visual representation of who she is—and that will never go out of style.

How To: Want the real vintage look without the faux vintage price tags on pieces we’ve seen brands recreate recently? Shop in your mom and/or grandmother’s closets! In this Fashionista’s experience and my own, you might just find your new favorite piece.