Happy March, Fashionistas/os! The season of sunshine and a coat-free wardrobe is right around the corner and we can only hope it makes its appearance sooner rather than later. We here at Illinois State have seen it all it these last couple of weeks; snow, slippery sidewalks and the occasional 40-degree highs. Mother Nature definitely likes to keep us on our toes!

With the soon to be changing weather, our outerwear will also be making a transition. The days of the bulky coat, let’s hope, are dwindling and will have us Fashionistas shedding for some lighter layering pieces. This Fashionista shows a different way to wear outwear that’s different than the typical puffer jackets us Midwesterners have been donning all season. Swapping out your puffer jacket for a puffer vest is the perfect alternative to adapt to those warmer winter days on the horizon. A black vest can easily go with any ensemble and prove to make any look comfy and chic. This Fashionista pairs hers with a cream sweater, some peek-a-boo plaid and this season’s infamous bean boots.  I can’t get enough of this look that is perfect for class, studying at the library or grabbing some coffee with the gals.

Although a debut item in itself, the bona fide vest offers a way for Fashionistas to still keep warm in the season’s transitional period, while also allowing them to showcase the other fun pieces in their outfit that are sometimes hidden by winter coats.

How To: First find the perfect outerwear vest for you! I highly recommend a neutral color like black or a cream color that will better pair with whatever layering piece you use on the bottom. Grab your favorite sweater, denim and boots—preferably ones that will be able to combat the slush that March brings—and you are ready to rock!