ALL IN THE DETAILS: Versatile Vests

Spring is just around the corner, bringing warmer weather, fresh wardrobe updates and lighter layers. Vests are a great wardrobe staple to own to ease effortlessly into the new season.

As this Fashionista proves, you can add color and dimension to your look, while accounting for the sometimes colder weather that comes along with the winter-to-spring transition. She starts with white cropped pants and a silky lightweight long sleeve blouse. These pieces provide a neutral backdrop for the eye-popping accessories she pairs with her spring look.

This Fashionista’s bright pink vest adds eye-catching detail, while serving up a fun twist on spring layering trends. The vest also adds a more casual vibe to the dressier capris and silk top combination. The slim fit of the vest is also a flattering choice. It helps to create a fresh, layered look for spring without being bulky.

This week’s Fashionista also accessorizes with a gold necklace and earrings. These pieces add elevated elegance and glamour to the look. She also chose fun leopard print flats to complete this look. The flats add an infusion of personal style, while adding just the right amount of an unexpected print.

How To: To create your own spring layering look like this Fashionista did, start with cropped pants. Choose white, like this week’s Fashionista, or a denim pair for a more casual look. Then, add a silky top in a neutral color or add pattern to the look with a striped T-shirt. Finish the look with a slim-fitting vest in a bright color that is perfect for spring. Add light and elegant jewelry and fun flats.