ALL IN THE DETAILS: Utility Upsurge

When February rolls around, Fashionistas/os on UW-Madison’s campus are all too familiar with bringing out the winter gear to battle the coldest month of the year. From layering sweaters to finding a pair of promising winter boots, the importance of a quality coat is critical when trekking around campus. For the Fashionistas/os on our campus, a functional coat is imperative; however, a fashionable, warm coat is a huge plus.

For the past few years, I have seen oversized, earth-toned parkas trending— perhaps they are better known as the utility parka. This popular outerwear option is a great alternative to classic black coats. Commonly, this oversized parka offers big coverage, tapers at the bottom for self-containing warmth and is cinched in the back for a flattering silhouette. Additionally, the parkas vary with contrasting fur hoodies and subtle edgy details in zippers and buttons. The oversized utility parka can be paired with an earth-toned look, but can also be combined with a variety of styles. The shape and material of the utility parka bridges a few style types, ranging from edgy to outdoorsy to a sleeker possibility

Today, this Fashionista was sporting the utility parka in the earth green tone that is easy to pair with any boot or accessory. Specifically, this Fashionista continued to go with the earth tones by styling her look with a beige canvas backpack, earth green leggings and a pair of studded lace-up boots. This colored, shaped parka with a fur hoodie is a breath of fresh air among the darker coats floating around in the winter. The beauty of the parka is how its earth tone is friendly to any boot pairing, whether it be lace-up boots, or the sophisticated tall equestrian boot. The oversized utility parka in earth green is a popular coat on our campus, but this parka does come in a variety of styles, such as a classic black parka or a fun burgundy parka.

How To: Looking for a different winter coat to wear in this month’s freezing temperatures? Opt for an oversized utility parka for a little more variety on a chilly day. The versatility of the parka allows for any type of boot pairing, in addition to being styled with any backpack, purse or accessory. The possibilities are endless when combining the parka with winter accessories since it lends itself well to functioning in harsh elements.