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I think we all have that favorite jacket—whether it is leather, denim or fur, we get excited when the temperature drops a bit and we can get out our jackets! For me, it is a black leather jacket that I bought forever ago but I still love being able to wear it out. But what makes your favorite jacket, your favorite jacket? For me it is the fact that my jacket is simple enough that I can wear it with virtually anything. Our Fashionista shows us why her jacket is her favorite!

This week’s Fashionista sports a large green military style jacket but it is what is on the back of the jacket that makes this item so unique. A distressed colorful peacock on the back of the jacket makes this jacket so RAD. A combination of screen printing and detailed stitching adds great texture to the art of the peacock and is also what makes this jacket such a treasure. “I found this jacket at Urban Outfitters and it was so expensive at the time, but I watched it for months until I found it at the Urban outlet and it was on sale! I don’t know if I could be any happier after I bought this gem,” said our Fashionista. Because the shade of green is so neutral, she can wear her jacket with so many different outfit combinations. As you can see, she has some fun with color as she pairs the jacket with a blue and gold flannel and maroon boots.

How To: Finding the perfect jacket that can hold the coveted position of “favorite jacket” is not as easy as it sounds. For our Fashionista, the details of the back are what caught her attention; simply find an item with the details that you just love. No matter what your style preference may be, incredible details are something that no fashion lover can overlook!