February 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Sometimes the simplest outfits are the most fun. With simple outfits, you can add your own touch with accessories. Whether your signature style includes a few key pieces, or is made up of a variety of unique trinkets that change with each outfit, accessories transform a look.

I have managed to gather quite the collection of jewelry, scarves and headpieces (e.g. a pearl-adorned cat ear headband, much like Taylor Swift’s circa 2013) that are great additions to every outfit. Lately, I gravitate to wearing a few key items that have become my everyday jewelry such as three to four simple rings, a heart necklace, my black beaded choker and studs in my three tiered earlobe piercings. Occasionally, I will add a long metal tear drop pendant tied on a thin black rope if I want to cut the outfit with a vertical line. If I am feeling professional, then I have to wear my nude Kate Spade watch. In a list, I wear a lot of accessories, but because they are simple, discreet and similar in color, I can layer them all without looking like an overcrowded jewelry box. These pieces have become a signature part of my style, elevating my outfit to the next level without being gaudy.

When I spotted this Fashionista on campus, I was immediately transfixed on the details encompassing her outfit. The simple pairing of a beige sweatshirt and black denim jeans becomes so much cooler with the right accessories. This Fashionista keeps the color palette neutral, which pulls the outfit together in a clean fashion, even with multiple accessories. The metal plating on the black shoes adds a bit of brightness while helping to balance and ground the dark and light colors of the jeans and sweatshirt. A black beanie helps round out the outfit from the top. I love the fine details of the thin-framed, black glasses and the medium length, black and gold pendant necklace. Both items are a great way to add interest to the outfit without taking attention away from the statement pieces. A black and gold MCM backpack is the perfect practical school essential for strolling around campus in style.

How To: To layer a mix of accessories without looking like you are wearing every piece in your collection, keep things simple. Choose a color palette that works with your outfit and keep the details of the accessories small. If you want to incorporate a piece that is a little louder, make it the focal point. For example, this Fashionista’s shoes have a larger proportion of glam than the other pieces. Most importantly, when spicing up an outfit with accessories, have fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you get the right balance for your look.