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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Unhinge the Fringe

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Unhinge the Fringe

While it’s a disservice to society to underestimate the power of a good outfit, it can be just as much of a crime to underestimate the power of a good accessory. Say it with me, “Accessories are important. Muy importante. Très important.” You get it.

Take this Fashionista for example. Her minimal, monochromatic outfit caught my eye because of how the tomboy look was contrasted with a fringed handbag. Her t-shirt reads “People + Process + Product,” the slogan for CBNC with whom this Fashionista interned for this past summer. She matched it with a pair of black fitness shorts that are just the right length to peek out from under the shirt. Completing the ensemble are a pair of black and white Vans and a white New York hat.

“I just like to wear what makes me happy,” she said. “I’ve been really inspired by Rihanna’s style recently, so I’m kind of into the dark, trendy, athletic look. It’s super comfortable, yet cute. But, I still like to add a girly element.”

In comes the glorious fringed bag she was flawlessly sporting around campus. With each step, every fringe detail swayed a little, which seemed to have made the bag almost have a playful personality of its own.

Yes, I just personified a purse.

“I feel like a skater dude, but then the bag helps to bring some femininity,” she said. “It just feels like me.”

The bag, which she bought from H&M on sale (even better), features a braided strap with gold connectors. Adding to the literal and metaphorical golden accessory choice, she wore a couple of stacked rings on both hands.

The only thing that would have made this look even better is a pop of color, like red lipstick. Oh, wait…

Okay, yeah, this Fashionista definitely knows what she’s doing.