ALL IN THE DETAILS: Undercover Accessory

February 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

If there is any word to describe this Fashionisto’s monochromatic look, it’s innovative. We’ve all seen the bloutfit (black outfit) and the groutfit (gray outfit), but not many are brave enough to sport the croutfit (cream outfit). Not only does this Fashionisto pull off this single tone from shoulder to toe, but he also cleverly contrasts cream with its one true love, blue. This complementary pop of color comes in varying shades and textures, giving depth to an otherwise uneventful color scheme.

Now you may be thinking, “What is so special about this scarf? I own tons of scarves!” In truth, you do probably own this item, but it’s not among your extensive scarf collection. To achieve this hooded phenomenon, This Fashionisto reinvents a seemingly normal pullover sweatshirt into a multilayer scarf. Many of humankind’s greatest innovations—our dearly beloved chocolate chip cookie for example—happened by complete accident, much like Louie’s sweater-scarf amalgamation. In this case, he was in the middle of putting on this particular sweater one day, when he looked in the mirror and discovered it could potentially double as a trendy scarf. “So many people ask me where I got this scarf… but it’s actually a sweater,” he explains as he untucks the hidden sleeves to expose its real identity. Getting creative with your style choices is one of the best conversation starters a Fashionista/o could possibly have.

In short, start looking at your closet in a whole new light. It can cure you of that uninspiring winter drab and you’ll get compliments galore. Take this Fashionisto’s word for it!

How To: Take a light pullover sweater and put it over your head as you normally would. Get creative with tucking in the sleeves and other parts of the sweater to achieve this layered and effortless look.