ALL IN THE DETAILS: Unbelievably Unique

During the summer, it can be easy to fall into a fashion rut. It can even happen, if I dare say it, to the most dedicated Fashionistas. Summer is all about resting and relaxing, which can sometimes lead to being a little lazy when getting dressed. You know you have that fashion summertime sadness when you start asking yourself if it would be okay to wear your pajamas out in public or if you could manage to wear your bathing suit coverup to dinner. It’s easy to convince yourself that since you might not be going to classes and seeing all the people you normally see that it would be okay “just this once” to wear your old, oversized T-shirt to the mall. Hint: it usually ends up happening more than once. To keep yourself from taking a plunge into the waters of summer style despair, it is always best to focus on the fun details of an outfit. Eye-catching details are what will make you a hot weather hit instead of a summer scrub. Mixing and matching fun accessories will make you fall in love with your wardrobe all over again, making your awesome clothes impossible to resist!

This Fashionista is the picture of amazing summer style, and of course, her outfit would not be as totally stunning without the striking accessories. A wide-brimmed hat is perfect for keeping the hot sun off your face while looking on-trend at the same time. The surprise pattern under the brim of this hat is super cute and adds dimension to the look while the statement sunglasses are also great for the blazing summer weather. The shape of these sunglasses is bold and unique, therefore, they would take any outfit to the next level. The stone and metal necklace adds some bohemian flare and also that bit of shine and bling that every ensemble needs. Overall, these accessories all work well with the rest of the outfit. This Fashionista’s simple, yet chic T-shirt with graphic text is interesting, but doesn’t overwhelm the look. The text also draws the eye back to the gorgeous necklace. The funky floral print skirt is a punch of color and pattern, but since it is paired with the white shirt and black boots, the accessories still shine! All the pieces, even the multiple accessories, are expertly balanced to create a cohesive look and this Fashionista demonstrates how you can look effortlessly cool instead of like you put no effort into your look.

How To:  Not sure how to wear multiple accessories at the same time? Make sure the rest of the outfit is relatively simple so don’t overwhelm the accessories you wan’t to shine with too many crazy colors and textures.