ALL IN THE DETAILS: Two-Toned Jeans and Strappy Heels

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Two-Toned Jeans and Strappy Heels

Greetings, Fashionistas! Want to know what one of my favorite things about fashion is?

I knew you would! I love when a simple outfit can be made a lot more interesting by the small details. It’s the little things in life, as well as the little things in fashion.

For example, a black choker can be enough to take your look in a new direction. In the outfit this Fashionista is wearing, the choker adds a bit of edge, giving the entire outfit a new vibe.

This green bodysuit paired with any normal pair of jeans would be a much softer, classier look. But these two-toned jeans, frayed at the bottom, show off this Fashionista’s grungier side and say, “I’m not afraid to take some risks.” They add a fun, vintage look, completely transforming the outfit.

The jeans paired with these black, strappy heeled sandals make this outfit look more mature, but also take it from laid-back to attention grabbing. These shoes make a statement. See? It’s all in the little things. (Just like the One Direction song! But we’re talking about clothes, not people.)

Isn’t it amazing how a few small details can completely change your look? This outfit is formal but grungy, laid-back but still shows that you tried (but not too hard). It’s perfect for a night out, a concert, or even a day out in the city. All eyes will be on you this spring!