May 15th, 2015 at 2:10am

The nice thing about spring is that depending on where you live, the weather is not necessarily hot all the time. There are occasions where there is a little coolness in the air. What better way to transform this in-between weather combination than into a fashion statement? Pairing winter-like pieces with classic summer pieces is the ultimate way to make use out of your multi-seasonal wardrobe.

When I first spotted these Fashionistas walking along the picturesque rue in Saint Germain des Près, the classic structure of their tweed jackets caught my attention. Complete with the bright colored flats and well styled ensembles, it was as if these two just came from a Chanel fashion show. The best part was that one of the Fashionistas had a matching plaid two-piece set under her tweed jacket that just screamed spring time.

To take this tweed look from Grandma’s closet to the runway of your campus, pair a simple tweed jacket with more casual pieces like a white T-shirt and boyfriend cut jeans. Another way to modernized the look a bit is to pair a tweed skirt with edgy elements like a classic leather jacket and combat boots. With these simple adjustments, you’ll make tweed look like it got a youthful facelift.

How To: In order for your tweed look to not look too dated, pair it with more modern elements. So instead of pearls, choose more simplistic jewelry like a delicate chain necklace or quirky earrings. When it comes to elements like shoes, go for the unexpected like this Fashionista did and choose a non-traditional color.