ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tunics Are Not Just For Chicks

As children, we were forbidden to experiment gender roles. We were told that trucks are for boys and Barbies are for girls. We were also told that dresses were for girls, but the men in the 21st century seems to disagree. Do not get me wrong, men are not wearing maxi skirts or body cons. The trendy men of this century are wearing tunics and oversized T-shirts which are pieces that would have not been accepted years ago. This style is now seen on Kanye West, in Rick Owens’ spring/summer collection and from Givenchy.

An oversized T-shirt is a great way to be in style without over doing it. The T-shirt itself is like a statement necklace that gives your outfit the pop it needs. This look is for men who are fashion forward and who are not afraid to be different. You will get stares from people on the streets, but I promise you they are just jealous that you are able to pull it off.

I caught this Fashionisto coming out of The Men’s Market that is inside of Hirshleifers on the Americana Strip Mall. He proved to us that you can still look in vogue in all black without looking like you came from a funeral. A common mistake that both men and women make when they wear one color is there is nothing in their outfit that distinguishes itself from one another. This leads to looking muted. This Fashionisto did an amazing job contrasting from head to toe.The black shorts underneath the long black T-shirt gave the outfit a masculine touch. There was also contrast in his shoes. He had on a pair of black patent leather shoes with a white sole. The patent leather added shine to his matte black clothing. Lastly, the simple but needed accessories pulled this grungy look together.

How To: There are so many ways you can play around with your oversized T-shirt as a man. Men these days are experimenting with all types of pieces that were not accepted before. Take advantage of it! Change the bottom to a pair of drop cropped leather pants and add hightop sneakers. Remember, this look can only be pulled off if you wear it with confidence.