ALL IN THE DETAILS: Triple Leather

Leather is an absolute must-have, whether it is during the winter months or any time of the year. This fashionable material is chic and versatile. It adds the perfect edgy vibe to any outfit and also keeps you incredibly warm. One touch of leather, whether it is a leather jacket or leather boots, instantly adds sleekness and sophistication to the outfit. One might think that one piece of leather is enough, but this Fashionista shows us otherwise by showing how you can layer up on the leather trend.

Triple the leather, triple the fun. This Fashionista triples up on her leather pieces and creates a combination that is to die for. She starts with a dark blue floral shirt that gives the perfect feminine touch. She layers it with a tan leather jacket that has edgy studded details on the shoulders. On the bottom, she wears black leather shorts over maroon fuzzy leggings. She accessorizes with a long pearl necklace, a gray infinity scarf and a maroon beanie that matches her leggings. She finishes off this leather look with gray leather booties.

The perfect mix of edgy and feminine details in this outfit makes it perfect for just about any occasion. While this Fashionista rocks this look for class, it would also be perfect for a concert, a date or a night out on the town. This Fashionista also shows us that you can take advantage of your shorts and wear them all year long by pairing them with some warm leggings. Next time you’re getting ready, try doubling or tripling up on your leather.

How To: Leather is a necessity in the winter! Utilize the leather pieces in your wardrobe by pairing them up with each other, even if they aren’t the same color of leather. Also, add some warm accessories that provide a pop of color!