ALL IN THE DETAILS: Trendy Thrifter

The good old thrift store where you can pretty much find anything you could ever imagine in one of those second hand shops. I spotted this Fashionisto looking snazzy in his short sleeve button-down collared shirt and the small detail stitching really caught my eye. Upon discussing the rest of his rad outfit with him, I came to find out that pretty much everything he was wearing had been thrifted or were hand-me-downs. Being a college student means one of many things, and living on a tight budget is definitely high on that list. Finding amazing clothes to add to your wardrobe is always exciting, but when you find them at an affordable price, that’s really something to celebrate. Not to mention, thrifting adds quite a bit of uniqueness to your style.

This Fashionisto was rocking already worn Vans that paired perfectly with his dark wash straight leg denim pants. He was lightly accessorizing with a simple timepiece on his wrist and technicolor shades to keep the sun out of his eyes.

The key to a successful thrifting experience is patience. There are a lot of awesome, and not so awesome things that you’ll come across in a thrift store. Be sure to be patient and bring a friend along so you can have a partner in crime while rummaging through everything. Also be sure to find out what days they have extra discounts so you can get the best bang for your buck! Go on, head on over to your local thrift store and pop some tags.

How To: If you can’t find your way into a thrift store, you can still imitate this Fashionisto’s rad style with a short sleeve button-down shirt, a stand out pair of shades and a sweet pair of kicks that will match your style for any day of the week.