If you’re anything like me, one of the hardest things to do is getting rid of clothes you should let go years ago. I’m guilty of still having clothes hidden deep in my closet since my middle school days that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing again. It’s as if the cloth is stitched together with memories engraved in them and I can’t let go, like a bad relationship.

Like an angel sent to me, the Fashionista featured in this post has given me a solution to my hoarding dilemma: recreating old clothing into a completely different look. Our Fashionista created her skirt herself from her mother’s wedding dress by tearing it off and sewing it together by hand. The material is thin and sheer which in turn can be made into any style of clothing with how simple the design and texture is.

The way our Fashionista chose to transform a piece of her mother’s wedding dress into a skirt is pivotal to her formal outfit. The skirt gives her outfit an elegant appearance and dresses it up along with her accessories choices of earrings, rings, bracelets and a bold statement necklace. The skirt’s neutral color makes it easy to pair with anything for whatever the occasion may be.

How To: If you would like to recreate a look similar to our Fashionista’s, go through your closet and let your creative juices flow. Put together a pile of clothes that you can’t seem to let go, but can’t see yourself wearing again. Start cutting up your old looks and redesign them into a new modernized outfit you can see yourself rocking again. All you need is a some scissors, potentially a sewing kit and your imagination to create your own trends. If you have already wiped your closet clean of old clothes, thrift shops are the best place to go to find hidden treasures you can stylize into something new.