ALL IN THE DETAILS: Trapper Hats Fur Sure

In the past few weeks, local schools have been granted snow days due to the below freezing weather; conversely, SUNY Geneseo decided to remain open. Students have had to expose themselves to the windchill walks to class and icy road commutes. However this bad weather doesn’t mean our fashion must suffer.

There are a lot of different ways to beat winter weather, but with the simple addition of a trapper hat anyone can stay warm while still looking fashionable. These accessories come in all sorts of patterns and colors making it easy to pair with any outfit. However, they especially look great when paired with a matching coat or sweater.

This Fashionista did just that pairing her trapper hat perfectly with a warm winter jacket and black leggings. By keeping her outfit simple, she kept the attention of her outfit on her rocking hat.

One of the coolest thing about these hats are that they can be worn in a multitude of ways. The first and best way to embrace the winter snow is by buckling each strap together underneath your chin so that the side flaps stay tight to your face during cold winds. Secondly, you can buckle the straps together on top of your head, exposing the maximum amount of fur for a Russian look. Lastly, as shown by this Fashionista, this hat can be worn with the chinstraps unbuckled and loose.

How To: The next time you go shopping and spot a unique trapper hat that fits your own style, grab it off the shelf and buy it! Try pairing it with a simple one color coat, black jeans and combat boots for a comfortable, warm and casual look. To take it to the next level you could even try pairing this hat with a fur vest for maximum warmth.