The calendar shows that spring is approaching but the temperature says otherwise. Unfortunately, we have to hold off on that spring wardrobe for just a little bit longer. Hey, don’t worry, there are still some great transition pieces to be worn in this awkward time between winter and spring. That being said, a must-have for this season is a colored blazer.

This Fashionista’s blazer was the first thing that caught my eye from her stylish outfit. Traditionally seen in black for more professional outfits, I have been seeing a lot more colorful blazers for everyday looks. White blazers and blue blazers pair well with a pair of jeans and heels. As for this Fashionista, she paired her red blazer with distressed black tights and trendy Dr. Martens. This stylish student chose a white tank top with crossed straps to go under her blazer. This loose top was a key part of keeping the outfit simple and casual.

This outfit would not have been complete without the long statement necklace this Fashionista chose to accessorize with. The black and silver necklace was a perfect piece to tie the outfit together. A touch of red lipstick that matched her blazer was a perfect finishing touch to this outfit. This girl is sure to be turning heads while walking around campus

How To: Blazers are an easy way to add some new flare to an old outfit. Next time you’re wearing your favorite tank top and jeans, toss a blazer on over it for a completely new and unique look.

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