When you think about fall and fashion, you picture brown scarfs, auburn sweaters, black shirts, black pants and a pair of boots. Nothing very similar to what this lovely Fashionista chose. Boldness? Maybe. When you first look at this Fashionista, you may believe that there is nothing very autumnal in her outfit, but that’s exactly what caught my attention. This is as colorful as it is sober. This is as elegant as it is casual. I love contrasts, particularly when it comes to fashion, and this Fashionista could not have found a better combination for all those pieces.

I actually like her definition of a fall outfit way more than the darker versions. When you think about it, fall is actually the transition between our dear colorful summer and our cold, white winter. It’s the transition between skirt and coat, the transition between flashy colors and sober ones and the transition between the old and the new. This is exactly what we can find in this outfit: black pants contrasting with a white crop top and sober colors paired with lively tones that totally give a twist to this look. Also, pairing basic black leggings with a white crop top and a tote bag could not have been more right.

The strongest part of her look is definitely the colorful and lively touch she added with her pink shoes that perfectly match her bomber to create a feminine, sparkling and wild touch. Boldness? Maybe. But, it’s definitely fashion!

How To: Flashy and colorful accessories are definitely something I would recommend because they seem to be a little thing that do a whole lot to a look. However, to prevent turning into a walking rainbow, try to choose a single color for your accessories to really create a nice contrast.