July 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

With summer heat rising up to unbearable temperatures, hats are now not only a cute accessory to add to your everyday outfit but an essential. Not only are they totally cute and play up your look, but they can also be used as protection on your face! We all have been at that point in the day where you’ve taken that final look in the mirror at your outfit and thought to yourself, what am I missing? Add the extra accessory to complete your look by topping it off with a cute summer hat!

This Fashionista is a perfect example as to how to pull off the hat outfit in an everyday look. She has the perfect laid back yet feminine summer outfit every girl needs in her closet this summer! Her simple, black swing shift dress is paired with neutral-colored accessories covered head to toe. The browns in her bracelet and handbag enhance all the flirty black colors in this outfit. To top it off, her woven fedora pulls the whole look together and gives her a classic and girly look. The simple accessories in this outfit make the hat the primary focus of this look, along with why it’s one of my all-time favorites!

This outfit would be a perfect day-to-night example of taking a look you can wear all day while keeping the sun from beating down on your face then when it gets later, you will still be comfortable and look cute with your fashionable hat!  Fedoras are a timeless and definitely an essential accessory when it comes to this summer’s heat. Not only do they add more element to your look, but they can be worn in almost any outfit you put together!

How To: Have you always been afraid to rock a felt hat or fedora? A hot summer day can be the perfect excuse to add oneto your outfit this season. Just be sure to make your hat the primary accessory without overpowering it with other bold jewelry!