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February 26th, 2016 at 2:05am

After a long night of studying, the last thing I want to do in the morning is spend half an hour attempting to fix my bedhead so that it’s somewhat presentable for all of my classes that day. As college students we certainly all live hectic lives, but we definitely can’t let that get in the way of our styles. A simple and stylish solution to this problem for me has always been to add a hat. It’s a small detail that will really add a little something extra to your look. I think a simple baseball hat is definitely an underrated accessory. The best part is that a hat is also functional. Whether it’s a baseball hat or beanie, hats are always there to keep you warm for these cold winter days.

This Fashionista rocked this casual look for one of mid-Missouri’s rarely warm weekends in February. This outfit is perfect for walking around downtown, enjoying the warm weather and sipping some coffee behind Fretboard Coffee, a Columbia classic. The layering in her look is done perfectly. Adding a light flannel shirt to any look gives it a little bit of a grunge vibe, but she contrasted that with a more feminine dress underneath. Her simple, green necklace was a small pop of color that draws the eye in. The shoes are also a classic and adorable touch to the look. But my favorite part of the outfit is the baseball hat. I would never think to pair a baseball hat with a dress, but this Fashionista does it well. The hat makes the look a little more casual, which is perfect for a day of exploring downtown.

How To: Don’t be afraid to add a simple baseball hat to any casual look! Even a hat with a graphic or logo can be a bold addition to your outfit. Pair it with a flannel like this Fashionista, and you’ll be set for your day out on the town!