Exploring the “Hidden Secrets of Lombardy” and traveling to old, gorgeous abbeys was an incredible experience. This was not only due to the 14th and 15th century artwork that was displayed on the ceilings of ancient churches or the incredible detail artists put into each section of the building, it was also because of the incredible fashion donned by my fellow travelers on the tour.

As I said last week, Northern Italy, specifically the region of Lombardy, has winters similar to those of Washington, D.C. or Maryland. It’s mild, rainy and can get pretty chilly. In the area we traveled to explore the abbeys, temperatures can be colder than that of Antarctica in the winter! Because of this, the little details and layers were very important. This Fashionista dresses warmly, yet in style with her addition of little details into her look!

Starting with the infinity scarf, this Fashionista’s chunky choice gave her warmth all day long. The mixture of colors in her scarf gave more depth to the look and even added the appearance of increased texture, just from the change in colors. This Fashionista’s gray sweater is perfectly contrasted by her cargo-type light brown jacket. By leaving it open, she allows for the drastic change in color and texture. Her leggings and boots pull the look together while they’re also ideal for a cold day walking around.

This Fashionista’s accessories are minimal because her chunky scarf takes over the look in the best way possible. As I’ve previously mentioned, cross-body bags are essential for studying abroad. This Fashionista’s adorable take on a leather bag makes her look stand-out even more.

Stay warm with the addition of the little details and tackle the day fashionably!

How To: Be bold with a super chunky scarf that will keep you warm all day long. A jacket in a contrast color adds some depth into the look and changes things up a bit, as seen on this Fashionista. Finish the look with a pair of fleece-lined leggings to stay warm and a pair of Frye boots that are perfect for any occasion.