ALL IN THE DETAILS: To Infinity and Beyond

Today marks the beginning of the spring semester. But, honestly, it shouldn’t be called spring semester considering the temperatures will be below 40 degrees for the next two months. The only thing I like about the cold weather is the fact that I can layer three sweaters, wear a hat, scarf, jacket and gloves and not look completely ridiculous.

Out of all of the wintery essentials, my favorite would have to be a statement cable-knit scarf. This accessory can easily top off an outfit when it’s lacking just one little thing. The thing I love about infinity scarves is their versatility; you can wrap it around your neck as little or as many times as you want to adjust your warmth level. In warmer temperatures, you can swap your cable-knit for a lighter version of this staple.

This Fashionista chose an oversized teal infinity scarf which accented the blue coloring in her sweater. If your outfit consists of mainly one color, definitely consider a printed or differently colored scarf. If you are looking for more more than just a pop of color, follow the footsteps of this Fashionista and add a textured top and a playful cardigan or sweater.

How To: Choose an infinity scarf that not only completes your outfit but is also appropriate for the weather (you don’t want to be wearing florals when it’s 30 degrees). Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with the size and length of the scarf! Try different ones on so you know what you like best.