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I know that my obsession with jean in the past two weeks has been a bit crazy. However, I can’t help but focus this ALL IN THE DETAILS post on this incredible bleached, tie dye jacket. Jackets are not only an important investment but also the perfect item to layer onto any outfit to give it that extra something. In my opinion, jackets can truly transform a look.

What I absolutely love about this jacket is that the tie dye gives it a whole new texture and plays with blue hues. Overall, this Fashionista’s outfit is fairly monochromatic. Her starting items like the black flats, the black pants, the black-and-white, striped top and the black sunnies are great basic pieces. Although, if nothing else were added, the outfit would have been left feeling a bit too simple. The jacket brings in a fun color pop that contrasts well with the striped top. Adding the colorful scarf tied together each of the elements, creating a fashion forward look.

This outfit is the perfect inspiration for a classic look that is easy to wear.  When looking for a great jacket like the one I featured today, I would suggest shopping in stores instead of online. Although online shopping is fantastic and convenient, going into a store and trying on jackets will help you find your perfect fit. Not every store will carry this unique, dyed jacket, but it could be a fun “do it yourself” project to create the texture at home.

How To: Start creating a look that is full of basic elements. This could include black pants, a simple T-shirt or even converse (my personal favorite). After you finish your outfit basics, add your jacket and a few accessories that complement the color palette that you have started with. Let this post also inspire you to try mixing stripes with other patterns. I find that the easiest way to mix prints is to use black-and-white stripes in one of my items.