ALL IN THE DETAILS: Timber Meets Lumber

If you thought plaid and flannel were figments of the past, think again. Man and woman have made these two fashion styles prevalent again, taking the classic American lumberjack look and revamping it into one of the winters latest trends. The lumberjack look is also one of the easiest looks to achieve, and who doesn’t look good in plaid and flannel?

This Fashionisto caught my attention as he was walking through campus en route to class. I absolutely loved his take on the look, sporting an olive colored green puffer vest and a pair of the classic colored tan Timberland boots. His boots and vest are what intrigued me most about the outfit. Adding to the uniqueness of the Fashionistos’ own personal style. And I deeply enjoyed how he correlated his entire outfit, each piece complementing one another. He also wore a pair of blue denim jeans and a plaid button-down; the key components to creating this infamous look.

This trend can ideally transition well for both male and female, especially a college student on the go. Not only is the lumberjack look easy to achieve, it is a clear winter fashion statement.

How To: The key to pulling off the look of the lumberjack is the perfect button-up. This is also your chance to put your own personal spin on the look. I personally love elbow patches. Of course boots are the next most important thing to making this outfit a success. And your last step to get the lumberjack look is to find the perfect pair of denim.