ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tight And Colorful

January 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

Like many Style Gurus, I spend a lot of time reading about fashion and talking to my friends and other students about what they like to wear. One thing I hear over and over is, “I like to wear neutral colors, like black.” I see a lot of people wearing simple colors on campus, especially during the winter when wearing colors like yellow and pink seem out of context. While there’s nothing wrong with neutral colors like black, gray and white, a pop of color can completely transform an outfit in a classy way.

This Fashionista incorporated color into her look by wearing a pair of teal tights. She admitted to me that she normally wears only neutral colors, so when she does wear color, it’s purposeful. She paired her tights with a gray dress made of warm sweatshirt material. Her Sperry Top-Sider chukka boots of the same color looked great with little white socks peeking out. She finished off her outfit with a patterned scarf to protect her from the Wisconsin elements.

This Fashionista didn’t just throw on any pair of colored tights; she thought about which color would look best with the rest of her outfit. The decision was smart. Many pops of color can come across as overwhelming when paired with neutrals; this dark teal hue looks great with the soft gray of her dress. Her tights also complement the colors in her scarf without being too matchy-matchy. She still looks classy, even with some fun tights thrown in.

How To: Next time you go to put on your standard black, gray and white ensemble, consider adding a small pop of color. If you’re wearing a dress like this Fashionista, adding a pair of colored tights that aren’t too bright can be a classy way to incorporate color. If you’re not into skirts, go for a nice pair of colored corduroy pants.