Accessories are one of my favorite ways to add to an outfit and I firmly believe that male accessories are much too overlooked. There is nothing better than a guy that knows how to dress and isn’t afraid to incorporate different elements into their outfit. This Fashionisto demonstrates how with a few pieces can transform an outfit.

While this Fashionisto’s white button-up gives off a classic feel, the subtly printed pants give a nice twist without being too overwhelming giving him the opportunity to build upon this look. While not everyone may be a huge fan of bow ties, I think they deserve much more credit. They work almost like necklaces do for women by adding something interesting to a rather plain outfit. This bow tie works perfectly for summer by adding color through the floral pattern, while the rest of the accessories keep the look masculine. I am completely obsessed with the shoes, as well. I love them as a staple since they provide a neutral color with slightly intricate pinpoints. He draws more attention to the shoes by cuffing the pants a bit; showing off the blue and pink socks create a more interesting aesthetic compared to just a navy sock. This Fashionisto also does a great job of bringing everything together by using a similar color belt. He also does a nice job of including the gold watch, which also has a similar color band to the belt and shoes and does a great job of pulling elements together. Lastly, he finishes this look off with the ever stylish tortoise shell Ray-Ban sunglasses.

This outfit gives off a wonderful summer vibe that can be worn day or night. This look works for a multitude of occasions. I’m thinking birthdays, family gatherings or any time you want to show that you put in a little extra effort.

How To: To recreate this outfit, pair staples together such as the button-up, shoes and belt. Next, look for more eccentric pants with subtle patterns and whatever other accessories your heart desires!