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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Throw Some Shade

“Your future’s so bright, you’ll have to wear shades” has become such a cliche that it’s gone from a wannabe inspiring quote to a plain old joke. But substitute “Manhattan” for “future” in that age-old adage, and it becomes a piece of advice that should not be take lightly. Walking around the city at noon, it becomes clear why almost every person on the street has on a pair of sunglasses—between last night’s happy hour, the glare from the buildings and the hot summer sun, not wearing protection for the eyes can warrant a headache before you even get to the subway. And somehow, the setting sun manages to be even worse—walking around a corner when the sun is directly in front of you pretty much guarantees instant blindness and smacking into at least three people before giving up and going back inside until it sets.

It’s easy to throw a couple pairs of sunglasses into your purse and put on whatever your hand hits first when the sun rears its head. But as Fashionistas, we know the easy route is never our style. Instead, take notes from this Fashionista and model your outfit around your shades. Choosing a pair with tortoiseshell frames and bright blue lenses, she ensures that her glasses are the statement piece of her look. For the rest of the ensemble, she chose to keep it fairly simple: white jeans with a white button-down provide a perfect blank canvas for her fun sunglasses and many accessories. To finish the look, her neutral wedges and black tote add a little more style while keeping with the simple, solid theme of the outfit.

The sun in Manhattan is not a joke—in fact, it’s serious enough to be the focus of your outfit. So when the sun’s rays are beating down, don’t just toss a few pairs of sunglasses into your purse. Instead, pick out your favorite pair and model the rest of your outfit around them for a look that’s as functional as it is fun. You’ll be throwing shade all over the city—in the best way possible.

How To: Pick out a pair of statement sunglasses and a few fun accessories. The rest of the look should be simple—a monochromatic outfit is stylish without taking away from the focal pieces.