ALL IN THE DETAILS: Thrift Store Treasures

Theres nothing better than finding a unique piece of jewelry that makes you and your outfit stand out from the rest! Thrift stores are full of unique treasures and interesting pieces that can be overlooked by an untrained eye. Creativity comes from the heart, and the raw style of eclectic pieces put together into an outfit is a statement that can say a lot about your unique and individual interests. Some people tend to be afraid of used clothing stores but they shouldn’t be! These stores are usually the best places to acquire the most interesting and one-of-a-kind finds! Not to mention, the affordability of some of the pieces can really bring together a complete and put together outfit for next to nothing. Your wallet will love you, along with everyone who sees your “new” look.

This Fashionista transformed a typical Target-brand floral skirt and striped tank top from borderline bland to fun and flashy with her accessories that she incorporated in with her look.  Why bother with just putting one ring on? Cover your fingers with fun stones and silver!  Sterling silver never goes out of style and the way she integrated so many different styles of rings and bracelets makes her outfit cool and playful. Although she had a seemingly infinite amount of jewelry from her rings and bracelets to her necklaces and earrings, she wore them in a way that looks completely fashionable. And even with the multiple sets of jewelry pieces, some still stood out. For example, her earrings are very in right now, and are still unique enough to fit this Fashionistas needs.  If you don’t have any time for thrift stores you can still go out and buy brand new sterling silver rings and bracelets at your local department stores, but they do come with a price! To make her outfit even more lively she added a cool pop of red Dr. Martens to her neutral-colored outfit and a funky old-school troll watch. These really add a bold statement to this summertime look.

How To:  Do you have some free time? Do you want to be adventurous and go search a thrift store? Do it! Although you wont be able to find this exact look you will be able to find something that is unique to your personality and that will fit perfectly with your sense of style. Don’t forget be spontaneous and remember sterling silver is most definitely in!

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