I spotted this Fashionista on campus, and both of us were grateful to be able to do something fun in between classes and our hectic schedules. Overalls are in and so are oversize coats with stylish boots, especially the Dr. Martens brogues from their 1461 collection that she was sporting.

But it wasn’t only the detail in her sparkly Topshop socks, or the vintage camel-colored Gallo coat, or even the exquisite rendition of Hieronymus Bosch’s, Garden of Earthly Delights adorning her feet that really made this outfit click—it was the story behind them. This Fashionista added quirky round sunglasses so she can look at something with purple-colored lenses.

Turns out that this Fashionista has a knack for thrift shopping, and almost every piece she was wearing was thrifted with its own unique history. This includes her rad Dr. Martens brogues. She communicated in broken Italian for two weeks through the thrifting app Depop, in order to purchase the shoes from a girl in Italy. They originally sold for $150, but she got them for $85. Did I already mention they are gorgeous?

So, my advice to all of you Style Gurus and fashion lovers is it’s all about the character of the outfit, which ones look like they have a story behind them. Like her vintage camel Gallo Coat that she snagged for $8 which retails for $200, and the mix of the old and the new with her H&M mock neck sweater she wears under her overalls. Put together a style that looks like it has a lot of history because it’s all in the details.