ALL IN THE DETAILS: This Is About to Get Graphic

Everyone loves a graphic T-shirt, but sometimes they make you feel more high school than high fashion. That’s where the graphic detail comes in; or in this Fashionisto’s case, the graphic pocket. I have always been a big fan of graphic prints because more often than not they serve as conversation starters and they almost always tell people something quirky about you. With any graphic print the person can go one of two ways; either pair the print with another bold print or go simple and let the detail speak for itself. Another reason I have always liked graphic prints is for their versatile qualities. Depending on what they say or look like they can be worn to extremely formal events or simply hanging out with friends like this Fashionisto.

Growing up on Long Beach, Long Island, this Fashionisto incorporated the oceanic color scheme into his look with shades of blue, white and tan. He went with the played-down version of the trend in order to remain casual. Another popular option for the summer season includes shades of neon or white to complement the sun’s glow.

This Fashionisto also was a proud owner of a friendship bracelet that was tied around his wrist. These are great accessories for the summer and are fun to make on days when the sun is resting.

How To: Want to try out this graphic look for these final epic days of summer? Look for a piece that speaks to you; whether it’s a design that catches your eye or a phrase that will make all of your friends laugh with you. The possibilities are endless for this detail – have fun!