ALL IN THE DETAILS: These Boots are Made for Walking

Winter is still raging here in the Midwest and it doesn’t look like it is going to let up anytime soon. The only way to survive this frigid weather is to pull out your favorite pair of booties and strut the snow covered streets.

Booties are a staple piece for every season, but probably get the most use during fall and winter. There are so many ways to wear booties whether it is with a leather jacket and some jeans or with a cute floral shift dress for spring. Either way this simple shoe completes the look.

Walking to class in the snow is never fun, but one day in particular I saw a Fashionista who made the snowy weather seem irrelevant. She was wearing a white button-down shirt with a chic sweater over it. For the bottoms she donned some black skinny jeans and tan booties. As for accessories she added a statement necklace and a classic brown tote bag. She was the epitome of style and grace for any college woman.

Her outfit was professional, yet still maintained a sense of her own personal style. The booties were an essential part to the perfection of this look because it made her stand out amongst the crowd of other college students. The look said that she was classy, yet she walked to the beat of her own drum. Her enthusiasm about winter and her classic style made me want to brave the snow in my favorite booties too.

How To:  Walking the streets in your own pair of fabulous booties is easy, just make sure you get ones that are right for you. Pick a neutral colored pair to ensure that you get a lot of use out of them and be sure the heel isn’t too high especially if you walk around campus a lot.