ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Wool Winter Hat

Styling is like a puzzle. Every morning when you check your closet it’s as if every piece of clothing is staring at you saying, “Not today” or “Pick me!”. It’s tough to choose what to wear, especially when one is tired and the weather is not cooperating with you. This Fashionisto found the solution to those morning dilemmas.

Hats are one of my favorite accessories. The way it complements the face and and the outfit is eye-catching and inspiring. When one is wearing a hat, they pop up like the subjects in a pop up book. In fashion, it’s about what you’re wearing but the secret to being a Fashionista/o is knowing how to apply and style those accessories into your wardrobe and piece the clothes together. This Fashionisto is sporting a wool winter hat, this winter’s greatest trend.

I love the way this Fashionisto styled a monochromatic gray look with two cardigans, a blazer, tan colored ankle boots and a backpack. I loved how he styled the second cardigan on top with having just one button closed. The simple move of just doing that is step one to being a Fashionista/o. Having an eye for detail and knowing what works for you is the key.

Now I know some people may not like hats or the way they fit them but I think they should take any hat, a beanie or a fedora and piece their outfits together. You never know if you will like it, it’s all about searching for the right one. If you’re not a hat person, that’s okay! Try taking up a headband, it’s a step towards that direction of adding some flavor to your outfit.

How To: Is your outfit missing something? Need a way to spice it up? No fear, just add a hat! Any hat that goes with the particular look you’re going for.