ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Weather Calls For Leather

Sometimes I don’t understand why mother nature does the things she does. Winter is supposed to be cold! Here in Maryland, it’s 55 and overcast. No snow or frost, just rain and more rain. What am I supposed to do with all my oversized sweaters, thick winter boots and The North Face jackets? Just throw them back into the closet until next winter? As Cher from Clueless says, “As if!” Even though I’m a bit upset about mother nature’s current change in heart, that doesn’t mean some Fashionistas/os haven’t found their way around this completely awkward weather.

This Fashionista’s leather skirt and purse are perfect to pair with those oversized sweaters you’ve been dying to wear, adding an edgy but sophisticated look to her outfit. I’m not going to lie, leather can be a little uncomfortable to wear as pants, but a leather skirt is fun, flirty and comfortable. This Fashionista says that “leather is the perfect way to dress up or dress down an outfit.” Weird right? That’s what Fashionistas love about leather, and what makes it such a hot commodity in the fashion industry. It’s versatile, long lasting and makes a statement. This Fashionista went for more of a casual but “going-out” look, which is why she added some jewelry and black suede boots to create the perfect look.

How To: Afraid to rock a leather skirt? Don’t be! Pair your leather with an oversized sweater, cropped sweater or piko top. This weather is the perfect chance for you to break out that leather skirt or purse you’ve always wanted to wear and make a statement on your college campus.