ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Vintage Vixen

As any good Torontonian knows, you’ll always be able to find an abundance of spreads in the Kensington Market—be it food, music, artwork or fashion. You’ll be sure to find the hipsters searching for the coolest sound on vinyl and drinking their organic smoothies while rocking their vintage attire. Yes, Kensington is full of characters that thrive off of individuality.

One major look that you’ll find is what I like to call the second-hand seeker. This Fashionista is the manager at AHOMERUN, a gorgeous boutique which sells both men and women vintage items located in the heart of the market. All pieces are carefully selected by the store owner. You may find pieces dated back to the ’40s that are still in perfect condition.

Looking at this Fashionista’s outfit says a lot about her personality. She has the most amazing sense of style that truly makes her a special individual. The floral jumper has been chosen by her boss. “He saw it and instantly knew it was for me. He told me how it perfectly suited my style,” she says. She paired the jumper with one of her vintage blouses and added her modern-day Shellys London boots. Her newly chosen go-to jewelry has become her mood ring and Harry Potter ring. Both are beautiful pieces that also show off her love for spirituality and fantasy.

How To: Find any piece of fashion, whether it’s clothing or jewelry, and make it yours and own it! Choose an item that really speaks to you and show off who you really are as a person. Because that’s what fashion is all about, right Fashionistas?