ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Vintage Renaissance

Fashion, just like history, tends to repeat itself. Every few decades the same trends will emerge once again, sometimes exactly how they were, sometimes with a new flair. This Fashionista, having a passion for fashion and an extensive knowledge of its history and trends, created her outfit as an amalgamation of various older trends while putting her own spin on it. Embroidery and patches sewn onto jeans and bomber jackets are two of the biggest trends of today. Inspired by the current rebirth of this trend, this Fashionista threw on a pair of Topshop light-wash jeans with cute flowers embroidered along both legs. The light wash of the jeans gives off a vintage vibe while allowing the embroidered flowers to accent the lower half. Additionally, the Fashionista’s simple white pumps are a nod to the decade of the kitten heel. The subtlety of the pumps and the coordination of the colors compliment the outfit without overpowering or making the ensemble too busy.

For the top half of the outfit, the Fashionista paired the retro jeans with a vintage denim jacket she thrifted. The varied colored patches of the jacket differentiate it from a typical single tone denim jacket and make it stand out as a unique statement piece. Its distinct coloration helps this denim on denim interaction work seamlessly.

To finish off the outfit, the Fashionista put on some of her favorite accessories. To start off, the Fashionista donned her black fabric choker to break up the empty space from the low-cut undershirt and combine another trend: the ’90s choker. Secondly, she added her silver Casio watch: the crossroad of functionality and fashion. The Casio watch is a simple yet stylish addition to the retro feel of the outfit. Lastly, the Fashionista wore her clear framed sunnies, because even though it’s fall, sunglasses are still a necessity. This Fashionista shows that old styles don’t need to stay in the past, and that you should draw inspiration from all sources. Fashion is all about self-expression and looking good, so why would you want to do the exact same thing as everyone else when you can stand out with an amazing and unique outfit like this one?