ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Vintage Look

Nothing in life is certain, and this is especially true when it comes to the weather; Those of us living in the Windy City can definitely vouch for that. For instance, on Monday the cold forced us to wear texting gloves and heavy coats, but as we finished up the week we were back to our favorite hats and sundresses. The temperature is drastically changing all the time and we can easily manage to hit all four seasons in the matter of seven days. If you’re from the Midwest or live somewhere that’s also bipolar with weather, it’s good to keep some warm layering pieces in your wardrobe. My favorite way to do that is by incorporating versatile pieces into your looks. What better way to do that than with throwback vintage pieces? They can be worn with just about any look and can make any outfit kick butt year-round!

This Fashionista had on the absolute coolest jean jacket and it was the first thing I noticed about her funky outfit. Some people may say she looks “hipster” which to me is a highly overused term and has a strange connotation. I think she’s putting down a sort of cool grunge and vintage vibe while wearing an awesome outfit. Her stylish jacket was something her dad used to wear in the ’80s, so it’s a really special jacket that has tons of character. Personally, I find authentic and real vintage clothing with a cool story to be the best thing you can wear. It’s incredibly difficult to find anything half as cool today since popular items are mass-produced and very cookie cutter-esque. Tons of places try to replicate the cool oversized jean jacket because it’s very in demand right now, but they’ll never have that same broken in look like this jacket.

She layers her jacket over a graphic T-shirt with a charming quote that reads “The question isn’t who is going to let me, It’s who is going to stop me.” Who would’ve thought you’d get your inspirational quote of the day from an item of clothing?

Her throwback-inspired look is perfected by her ivory ruffle socks. These socks were so popular in the ’90s, and practically every girl on the block had them. Although they were typically worn for more of a “Sundays Best” back then, it’s common to see them with booties, sneakers or heels now. This Fashionista chose to pair them with all black Converse, which is a nice way to mix a throwback and current statement piece.

How To: Been trying to incorporate different decades into your current look? Hit up your local flea market or vintage shop and start digging for a classic jean jacket. This is an essential building block to any good wardrobe. In the words of Taylor Swift, “we [us and the jean jackets] never go out of style.”