ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Statement Piece

You have to appreciate a beautiful pair of pants. I believe it is a goal for women everywhere to find their perfect pair of jeans. Of course once we find them, we have to get them in every wash, print and color. The perfect pair of pants can bring any winter outfit together. They also bring us confidence because we know we love how we look in them. In the winter, dependable pants are a must.

This Fashionista found her perfect pair of pants. Leather or pleather pants are an easy way to make an outfit have a bit of edge. Her pants are not leather or pleather, but they are very similar to the trend because of their reflective bits. My favorite aspect of the pants are, of course, the snake-print pattern. This Fashionista’s outfit is just another great example of an outfit that is easy to throw together. Every piece is comfortable so it could be an outfit you wear to class, an outfit you wear to hang out with friends or an outfit to wear out at night.

How To: If you want to achieve this look, I would suggest keeping a white sweater or switching it out for a loose blouse (or white T-shirt). Add a pair of sandals for the day or a pair of heels for the evening. Then, tuck in the front of your top (leaving out the back of the shirt), and add a statement necklace or long chain. Voila! You’re ready to go.