ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Stacked Camel

Here we are, my friends, in the midst of another face-numbing, tear tugging winter in Chibera (Chicago + Siberia). I have already convinced myself that I was designed to withstand the conditions of Hawaii and Hawaii only, and frigidness of this magnitude is not conducive to that. Nonetheless, many have fallen into the all-black routine, myself included, and see no reason to do any different. All-black is reliable, flattering and sharp! Spotting this Fashionisto, however, has inspired me to challenge my dulled tendencies and experiment with color stacking.

This Fashionisto’s vintage pants are what initially caught my eye. He made the wise decision to cuff them, revealing a lighter sock color and his worn shoes. This stylistic decision is a major trend in men’s street style, and he rocked it. He also slipped on a black leather belt to match his shoes, the two pieces acted as anchors to keep the colors together. Moving up, his bottom jacket was the darkest camel piece. It offered a fuzzy texture and contrast to the lighter colors on his bottom half. Lastly, piled on top, our Fashionisto chose a fluffy coat fit to battle the piercing cold. The coat was the middle shade of camel between the pants and the bottom jacket, which tied the two together quite nicely.

The only reason this color stacking method proved successful, rather than overwhelming, was because of his teal turtleneck. It offered a subtle pop of color buried underneath the camel layers, and allowed your eye to catch a break when looking at the ensemble as a whole.

How To: Stop cowering from wearing articles of clothing in the same monochromatic scale. Simply pick out three main shades of the same color and counter it with one pop color to add balance.