There are always those shirts, dresses and rompers with which you may need to wear something underneath in order to not expose too much skin. The solution to this issue is a bandeau. Bandeaus are all over right now. They come in all different colors, textures and styles. Some are lace, chiffon, red, pink, have cutouts, among many more. They can be used in order to cover up that little bit of skin or they can be used to add to any outfit as an accessory.

The dress or shirt may be a solid, somewhat boring piece of clothing. If that is the case, your solution may be a bandeau. You may also have an outfit that is fun and shows a lot of skin but it is not appropriate of the office. In order to make the outfit more work appropriate, throw on a bandeau. The bandeau will cover up that extra skin or undergarment that should not be visible while at work.

This Fashionista decided that her outfit was too boring because of the romper only being black and white; so, she added a bandeau. This lace bandeau adds another texture to her outfit along with some color. This halter bandeau is most visible from the back which she wanted because she felt the back of the outfit needed some color as well. Rather than just her back showing, she wanted a pop of color as well.

How To: You have had a solid, black dress in the back of your closet for months now and do not know how to wear it because of the awkward cutouts; throw on one of your bandeaus. Do not feel like you have to show too much skin if you are not comfortable with it—cover up with this solution.