ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Right Amount Of Skin

It’s the summer season, and showing off your legs is a must! The maxi skirt is a trend that has yet to die for many designers. Each year, it seems that this trend reinvents itself throughout the changing seasons due to its effortless and versatile look. The versatility of the maxi skirt is unlimited because you can either downplay this skirt with your choice of shoes or keep things a bit more formal and dress it up with key pieces. Ultimately, you choose how you want to wear it.

From various prints to cuts and lengths, the options are truly endless! My personal favorite is the split maxi skirt because it is an appealing look that you can easily dress up for the evening, but you can also keep it casual for a day look. This Fashionista kept things simple with a neutral palette, but she spices things up in her outfit with color and by incorporating intriguing accessories. Mixing unique pieces of jewelry and pairing this skirt with heels gives this look a more sophisticated appearance. Her bold red lip color matches perfectly and highlights her top, making certain pieces of jewelry stand out.

How To: To get this look, find a maxi skirt that best suits your figure. This Fashionista opted for a fitted skirt that flowed out toward the bottom. Pick a basic cami or crop top to keep your outfit casual. The plus side about this piece is that you can always layer it to change up your outfit throughout the day. I like to play with color and have a balanced outfit by pairing the ensemble with black cutout boots to add a sleek feel to your wardrobe. Later, you can add hints of color on your lips or with your purse! My latest must-have is the new Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lip Gloss in the color Vice. The great thing about these glosses is that they are ultra-pigmented and have a wide selection of colors to choose from. Take a peek for yourself!